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Brand Ambassadors add an intangible aura to your brand – it gives it renewed life and allows you to paint your brand’s image with the strokes of your choosing. Do you want to project a sexy brand to the world? Then, of course, alluring brand ambassadors – decked out, perhaps, in young, lively, dazzling attire – will be quite appropriate. Or, if you would prefer to build the image of a professional company, you will find that well-trained, enthusiastic brand ambassadors can help you out.

Promotional models you will find to be particularly valuable when you wish to build a wave of excitement and enthusiasm for your brand or product. These lovely ladies are well-educated, professional, attractive and zealous about what they do. All, of course, admirable traits that will be on full display for your product launch, tradeshow, fashion show, charity function, or some other sumptuous, high-end event. We assure you – your attendees will be pleased.

Models & Talent Management The nation’s foremost fashion models and talent can be found at Evo Models, so an impressive and outstanding line-up of talent is available to you. Television commercials, film, music videos, editorial and print ad campaigns, and fashion shows all demand. And the best of the best models can be had at Evo Models.

Marketing & Public Relations A Customized Marketing Communications Strategy that Wins the Goodwill and Trust of the Public and Media Evo Models Marketing Communications services are informed by an agile approach that traces its roots to our fiercely entrepreneurial origins. We use this to your advantage by creating a customized communications strategy that is quick to adapt to evolving consumer trends and behaviours. Our Marketing Communications vision is driven by the view that effective communications and PR must be fueled by long-term actions instead of short-term fixes that rapidly lose momentum.

Corporate Events Staffing Being in the corporate industry, we know how important professionalism is. We pride ourselves on always providing our corporate clients with the best skilled, polished and proficient event staff. We ensure our staff arrived prepared, making your job less stressful and the event a breeze. We utilize our long experience in the industry to ensure your event gets the maximum ROI possible. With every booking we incorporate our large social media following of over 200,000 followers to increase consumer engagement before, during and after your event.

Proposal Planning can be a hard and stressful business, so our marriage proposal planners will craft specially customized plans unique to your relationship, to ensure that the moment your soulmate says ‘yes’ is perfect, and will be something you both will remember forever. We work with you from start to finish, and will not only look to create an amazing engagement, but will take care of every last detail of planning and execution, meaning a stress-free experience for you.